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Feb. 2019:

Besides of song-orientation the Dead Hands have always been interested in fragmentation. Some of these fragments have been recorded as 'Interludes'. Many more Interludes have turned up and disappeared over the years in live performances.
In 2018 the Dead Hands were working on a complete series of fragments or you may call it themes. Plans for 2019 include to extend and record these.
Apart of this there are plans to reconstruct and record 'Resistance' and maybe the Dead Hands will perform live here and there over the year.

September 2018:

This Garden Is Haunted Vinyl Deluxe Edition finally is kind of sold out now.

But if you missed it there may be a last chance, as Twin Flame Records from the Netherlands bought the last pieces. Hurry!!


Thanks all the folks that were part of the RESISTANCE on 30th December 2017. You made this possible!

We recorded the Live Show but sadly we're not satisfied with how it sounds so it will only stay in the memory of the one's that've been there.

But we'll see what we come up next. There are ideas! ;o)


In a controversy against the devaluation of music The Dead Hands now announce that their next work will only be performed ONCE! It may be recorded but it's not sure that it will be available afterwards.

The title is RESISTANCE.

The Performance will take place on 30th December 2017 in Balingen, Germany @ Sonnenkeller. You can save your ticket here:

This is the manifest for the show (sorry, German only, as only germans may attend the show)

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