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Besides of song-orientation the Dead Hands have always been interested in fragmentation. Some of these fragments have been recorded as 'Interludes'. Many more Interludes have turned up and disappeared over the years in live performances.
In 2018 the Dead Hands were working on a complete series of fragments or you may call it themes. Plans for 2019 include to extend and record these.
Apart of this there are plans to reconstruct and record 'Resistance' and maybe the Dead Hands will perform live here and there over the year.

One-and-only Live Performance of the 1-hour-long piece RESISTANCE at the end of the year in Balingen, Sonnenkeller played by Dan and Ralph only. It got recorded but the band wasn't satified with the sound-quality and decided to not release it.

'The Dead Hands & Fee - III' vinyl edition is released on Jan 1st followed by a short tour through Germany and Switzerland.

'III' was written and recorded together with Fee on very few occasions in spring. Some songs got puzzled together with rolling tapes to have them fresh and alive. In contrast to 'Word To A Friend' which recording and mixing process got long periods of inactivity, 'III' was not just intended but utterly necessary to happen fast and not elaborated.
In autumn the record was released digital by Polk Salad Records and Bandcamp.

Recording, mixing and mastering processes of second album 'Word To A Friend' took its time because of time schedule issues. When finally ready a record label was found but the release got postoned that often (and later the contact to the label got totally lost) that it was decided to call the record the 'Lost Dark Beauty' and instead of releasing it, carry on with the third album.
The first parts of that were written with Fee Reega during a rehearsal afternoon before a mutual show in December.

Mini-Tour with the Planeausters and Fee Reega. All bands from the same small city in Germany, but now located all over the country or in Spain (Fee).

Fee recorded lead or backing vocals on five of our songs, released in 2014 as 'the Horrible Scar EP' on Woodland Recordings.

The recording of second album 'Word To A Friend' is started.

First album 'This Garden Is Haunted' is recorded and released in three editions. On 6 release shows in Germany and Switzerland the Vinyl Art Project Wall with the sleeves painted by Markus Rabe is presented. Read more in the Releases section.

EP 'First Recordings' recorded and spread.

Split of the Stereo Satanics. The two guitarrists Ralph on Fyre and Dan Shandock found the Dead Hands when bored of feeling kidnapped by their own tight bonds inside a punk band frame and therefore trying to reinvent themselves.
The idea is getting rid of every dogma. Getting rid of a traditional line-up is the first thing and so they end up with no-drums-no-bass but not as a rule just as a start. To get other people involved is established as an option.
The band name was already mentioned at the Stereo Satanics and paves the way. The third and last album already includes all messages of the upcoming dissolution and is called 'Surrounded By Ghosts'. There is a line 'Everyday I see my friends I have to shake dead hands', a hommage to the dear gone, but when calling the follow-up formation the Dead Hands this says: 'We crossed the lines. First we shook dead hands, now we are the dead hands.' And this means: 'We left it all behind to look at it from the opposite direction. Everything will be different.'

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