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Older News

Added the last two local press articles about the split of the band.

We ran an inventory of items available for purchase. You can check that at the updated merch page.
Most items remain available. Definetely out is the first 7". Few of the Split 7" with Hicktown Heroes turned up again. Buy or die!
No more CDR will be availabe. No 3SongsLeft and no Complete Recordings.
Shirts are in stock but depending on colour and size just very very limited. Sometimes just one single item left.
But, yeah, you can buy that shit. Do that or we throw it away. This takes space. And we may need that for future projects. :o)

10.6.10: Added the lyrics of the "3 Songs Left"-CD

11.5.10: As few people may already know the Stereo Satanics will definetly split up after the 29th May show @ Sonnenkeller, Balingen.
But what no-one knew is that we'll come up with a last thank-you to all the people that followed us during our career. A new and last CD with 3 tracks never released before. 2 of them are written and recorded after "Surrounded By Ghosts".
This will be on sale on this night only. Be there because there's no tomorrow!!!

22.4.10: Found another review about Surrounded By Ghosts.

10.4.10: Portugal Tour-Blog is complete now.

30.3.10: And then there are more pics of the 13th March show at Insel, Balingen from Gaybarzine.

30.3.10: And here are the first reactions from Portugal:

30.3.10: Back from Portugal, which was a wonderful experience. Done about 7 FNAC shows to promote the new record, 1 show at a CDGO-Shop in Porto and 3 clubshows in Lisboa, Porto and Guimaraes.
We found the portugese people to be very friendly and inviting and say Thank You to all of them who came to the shows, liked or hated us, to the bands we played with, to everybody helping and serving us and especially to our enthusiastic tour-managers and booking-agents Fabulous Generation. Ana and Neil, we love you!

16.3.10: Leavin for Portugal on the 18th of March. We opened up the Surrounded-By-Ghosts Satanics Army Site for all you guys to see if we are going to post or blog something from the tour.

15.3.10: Press-Roundup Portugal:

15.3.10: Pics by JanetSu from 13.3.10-Show at Insel, Balingen

11.3.10: De Satanicos a Portugal. Em breve!

8.3.10: Surrounded By Ghosts is released in Portugal today.

26.2.10: More dates for Portugal announced. We're doin some FNAC-Store shows and we like you to find out where these are, if you wanna be there.
There are lots of FNAC stores, so this can be quite a puzzle, but if you mail us, we're helpin!
By the way we're considering covering the tour with pics and stuff on the Satanic Army site.

22.2.10: Definetly: Portugal Tour is save. We're doin some four or five more shows at FNAC stores. Will announce that soon.

7.2.2010: First dates for Portugal-Tour are confirmed. If this tour is going to happen, Stereo Satanics will be appearing there with drummer Pidi, rock-luminary and good friend from bands by the likes of Hellmute and Pub La Bomba. The portugese people will never know how the german fans will suffer to miss that!!!

1.1.2010: 2009 brought new records and shows from side-projects Cha Cha Guerillas and Suicide Souvenirs.
Plans for early 2010 include several shows in Germany and Portugal, where "Surrounded By Ghosts" is released on March, 8. Investigate this at the bottom of this page.

12.6.09: Und auch den Artikel aus dem Schwabo haben wir endlich online gestellt.

2.6.09: For those of you from Belgium or Netherlands, here's a review in for Surrounded By Ghosts.

April 09: Interview in Wahrschauer No. 57

13.3.09: Surrounded By Ghosts is going to be released in Finland through Playground. Release Date is the 23rd April.

18.2.09: And again a few new reviews of Surrounded By Ghosts.

4.12.08: We're on the CD of the new Ox-Fanzine. Also there are some new reviews.

17.11.08: New interview in online mag Gay Bar Zine.

14.11.08: Surrounded By Ghosts is released officially today. We forgot to open up a bottle, I guess, as I'm sittin' here, staring at a laptop and checking the news of the promo-agency. And yes, there are few new reviews. Check them out. Some are good and one is really funny (Heavy! God saves the Stereo Satanics from being liked by Heavy-Rockers, haha).31.10.08: First review for Surrounded By Ghosts arrived. Watch out for more reviews at lotsa mags the next months.

15.10.08: If you wanna subscribe to the Satanic Army, do it now. Time runs out shortly. Packages are complete and available. So, you'd get your bargain immediately.

3.9.08: Hey folks: There's still time to get caught up with the Satanic Army Phase III. Why don't register now? You can look back on 9 months of the birth of an album. There are 6 downloads of early song-versions and songs that will not appear on the album. You will see videos of the band in the recording-studio, both playing and kidding. You can read a studio blog and hear unmastered song-versions besides of two songs just like they will appear on the album. NOW!
What you'll get in the end is the final album, all the crap we did in the meantime and provided for download (and more) on a CDR with cover. Satanic Army only buttons and this is just 20 Euros.

20.8.08: Now it's for sure: The new album "Surrounded By Ghosts" will be out on 14th November on Fading Ways Records.
We're proud to be part of this cool and real independent collective led by good friend Neil Leyton.

15.7.08: We're working on the cover of the new album at the moment.
The recordings are now in the mastering-process.

14.5.08: Back from recording the album. Next is to work out the cover and book the tour to promote the record. This will be a difficult task as it nearly not possible to get any shows in Germany as an unknown band. At least if you're not able to have 4 persons 24 hours a day to phone or mail around. We're trying our best. If anyone can help here in anyway .. we'd be glad for anything.

2.5.08: We're off to record the new album next week. There'll be 15 new songs, some of them to be heard on our last live-shows, some of them pre-heard in rough live- or rehearsal-versions at the Satanic Army website, most of them absolutely new. To read the daily recording-session-Blog (starting at 4th, maybe 5th May, register to the Satanic Army Phase III.

5.4.08: Some new reviews for Whole Lotta Nothin'.

24.2.08: Pics of last nights show at Subchord Festival by Susann. Search for janetsu.

24.2.08: Review für Whole Lotta Nothin' im Plastic Bomb.

20.2.08: Second Satanic Army Special published. 6 Livesongs of a show at Stuttgart last year. You'll already hear songs that'll be on the next album, which will be published in October 2008.

Pics of last Octobers show with the Briefs in Heilbronn.

New Satanic-Army, Phase III is now ready!

Register here:

The first 10 Satanic Soldiers will get the status "Leadership of the Satanic Empire" and a one-out-of-ten Tshirt for that.

New Satanic Army Phase III starts on 1. January 2008 and ends with the release of the third album on 18. October.
We changed the concept so there'll be more extras, including a password-protected part of the Satanics-Website. The topics are six exclusive downloads in regular intervals which will be early versions of the new songs partially with different arrangements, live-recordings, maybe video-material.
The first downloads will be available on first January, so there'll be immidiate gain for you.

Dan and Ralph (with Lutz from the Suicide Souvenirs) have done the music for their friends theatre-piece "Die Präsidentinnen" from Werner Schwab.
There'll be several live-performances, first at 26.12.07 at Sonnenkeller, Balingen. Be there! This is a Never-Seen in Balingen.

Plans for next record have been made! Watch out for new Satanic Army concept, starting soon!!!!

Sorry folks, but we had to cancel the show in Hamburg.

"Whole Lotta Nothin'" is now available in the USA at Goner Records, Memphis. Songs from the album will be aired at WEVL on Jeremy Scotts "Out on the Side".

Listen to our podcast for Subversiv Records.

It's never too late: You can download Pirate Love or single tracks from the album via ITunes, initiated by our distributor Amöbenklang. It's 99 Cent per track.
You can buy "Whole Lotta Nothin'" at Amöbenklang as well. This is the review in the catalog.

The radio interview with Ralph on Rocketoire is canceled and will probably happen in September. We'll announce it then.

Pics of the "Whole Lotta Nothin'" Releaseparty:
Very beautiful pics you can find at Petra Schwenks Website (Petra also did the photos for the cover of the new record):
First night
Second night

More pics of the event by Boris Retzlaff:
First night
Second night

And on BL-Bilder.

Army-Package is ready, now. Will be sent out today. Followers can expect their goods, soon.

Satanic Army Phase II is closed, now!

"Whole Lotta Nothin'" appears on

Satanic Army extras for the new album are:

  • "Satanic Diaries" (a DVD with the film by Boris Retzlaff)
  • 2 Satanic Army-only buttons

Found some pics from a show last year in Gomadingen. Look at this!

There's a short interview on OpenBeats which includes the first snippets of some songs of "Whole Lotta Nothin'". We'll added two songs in the discography-section and on our MySpace-site.

Record-Release-Party will be on 26th AND 27th May. There'll be different supports on each night, different live sets by the Satanics and some other party specials, we'll announce later.

New album is in the can. It will be out on 25th May 2007, called "Whole Lotta Nothin'".
It took us two and a half day to record and one single day to mix that shit down. We promise a piece of pure and vibrating, stripped to flesh and bone, punk music, that will touch you in it's bareness and fragility, musically as lyrically. Lets see if you're able to divide the humor in it from the pain.
Musically there'll be quite a few new hints that will astonish you.
There'll be a Satanic Army again. It starts on 10th March. Stay tune to get some new thrilling extras with your record!!!

We cancelled the gig of 24th Feb in Coburg. Sorry, it would've made us loose too much money which we need for the recording-session of the new album which will be between 25th and 28th Feb!!

New record to be released in May 07

2006 was by far the busiest year for us although many people didn't really reckognized that. Now we're through with it and started writing new songs after 3 months without a rehearsal room. Lotsa ideas have to burst out and in Feb 07 we booked the recording studio for the follow up to Pirate Love!!!

The Pirate Love CD is now in its first repressing. Thank you for buying it that much.

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